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Real Estate Lawyer in Scottsdale

Estate Planning & Real Estate

At Grant N. McKeehan, PLC, you could find a lawyer who is experienced in real estate law as well as estate planning. Real estate is a major part of anyone's assets and should be carefully acquired, sold and protected with the aid of a Scottsdale real estate lawyer. Attorney McKeehan could provide qualified counsel and assistance in any number of different real estate legal situations, including the following:

Real Estate Deeds
Real estate deeds must be thoroughly reviewed, expertly prepared, and professionally recorded before their conveyance will be made effective. Whether you wish to complete a warranty deed, a quitclaim deed, or any other type of real estate deed, you will undoubtedly benefit from the legal representation of an attorney. Understanding the right operative words to use in the creation of a real estate deed is a crucial aspect to its preparation and should only be completed under the guidance of an attorney.

Purchase & Sale Agreements
Before you buy or sell a home, an agreement must be drafted listing the details of the purchase. These details include the offer price, contingencies, deadlines, any included property (furniture, appliances, etc.), agency commissions, mortgages, etc. It is important that you negotiate and modify this agreement until all terms are agreed upon by both parties. Only then should you sign the agreement. Contact a real estate attorney immediately for the counsel you need in this area.

Promissory Notes
Promissory notes can be used in matters of real estate law when the property for sale cannot be purchased by the intended buyer at the price being asked. To accommodate for this financial deficiency, a promissory note can be legally enacted in which the buyer becomes a promisor, thereby swearing his / her intent to repay the seller, i.e. the promisee, for money that was not included in the original consideration that was made.

Deeds of Trust
A deed of trust is a legal document that transfers the legal title of property to another person to be held as a security for a debt, usually for a loan. This is not the same as a mortgage, because a deed of trust is usually held by a third party instead of the lender.

Opinion Letters
An attorney could issue an opinion letter appraising property and estimating its market value. This could be a clean opinion letter that is factual, or a reasoned opinion letter that states the how the attorney believes the situation stands.

Commercial Leases
A knowledgeable attorney could assist you in finding an area to rent that benefits your business in its structure and location, as well as finding or negotiating a lease that is fair to you and your company.

Anti-Deficiency Law
Arizona has a state law that prohibits lenders from demanding that you pay the remaining deficit between the sale of your home and the amount owed after foreclosure.

Contact a Scottsdale Real Estate Attorney

If you need excellent counsel or representation in any of these real estate situations, call Grant N. McKeehan, PLC to schedule a consultation appointment. Upon reviewing your case, a real estate lawyer could let you know exactly what could or cannot be done on your behalf. Attorney McKeehan has practiced real estate law, as well as estate law and business law, for more than nine years. He has gained respect among both clients and peers for his skill and ethics and he could provide the representation you need.

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