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Tax Debts and the Internal Revenue Service

Of all the types of debts a person could fall into, federal tax debts are the worst. Home loan and consumer credit debts are handled by lenders and collection agencies that are difficult enough to handle. Tax debts, however, are handled by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which has virtually unlimited resources to obtain payment from you. Two ways in which they could demand such payment are liens and levies.

Defining Liens and Levies

When someone defaults on their taxes (fails to pay), the IRS could place a lien on their property. This basically means that the agency claims your property and holds that claim until you repay your debt. Liens affect your assets, business, and your ability to obtain credit. The best way to get rid of a lien would be to pay the debt; however, if you are unable to do so, you could have it removed through sale of your property, subordination, or withdrawal by proving that no other creditors are competing with the IRS for your property.

A levy is quite different and more serious than a lien in several ways. When the IRS levies your property, they seize the property itself instead of putting a claim on it. The IRS could seize and sell property such as your car or home, or they could seize other property of yours that is held by someone else, such as wages, insurance, retirement accounts, and bank accounts.

Get Help from a Lien & Levy Attorney in Scottsdale

If you have defaulted on your federal taxes and are facing a lien or levy, get legal help immediately. Contact the offices of Grant N. McKeehan, PLC for excellent counsel and representation. With Grant's help, you could negotiate to have a lien or levy removed and save yourself from losing as much property as possible.

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