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Arizona laws regarding trusts and estates deal with the tasks of managing the personal affairs and property distribution of a person who is anticipating the possibility of death or being incapacitated. An estate encompasses both assets and real/personal property and the estate owner can ensure the future of their estate by establishing a will or a trust. If there is no valid will, then the estate must pass through the laws of intestacy. The only way to ensure that your property will be fairly handled and distributed after your death is through proper estate planning. There are four main aspects of such planning that must be addressed in order for you to be sure of proper estate administration. Be sure to educate yourself on each of these areas and to consult with a Scottsdale Estate Planning Lawyer as soon as possible so that you can begin organizing the future of your estate.

Types of Trusts & Estates

The first step you should take in the estate planning process is to draft a will. The sooner you begin drafting this important legal document, the better your chances become of creating a clear and straightforward will that cannot be disputed in any way. A will is the most common legal document when it comes to planning the distribution of property for the deceased. This reduces the chance of a heated battle during the estate administration process due to a dispute over the wording and meaning of your will. A will however must be validated and signed in the presence of witnesses and also signed by the witnesses. Speak to your attorney about the specific steps to properly validate a will in Arizona.

You should also consider establishing a trust agreement so that one or more of your loved ones will benefit from you assets during and/or after your death. A trust can truly expedite the property distribution process and can even help bypass the probate process altogether. Such an agreement must not only be excellently drafted, but should also be entrusted to a trust administrator who will handle the assets skillfully and reliably. Attorney Grant N. McKeehan has extensive experience drafting trusts agreements and he could also provide the quality trust administration that you need.

Ultimately, estate administration has the potential to cause the most problems in estate law situations. Poorly planned estates or the lack of estate planning altogether, can result in a drawn-out dispute over who gets what. Be sure to plan your estate immediately with the assistance of an experienced estate planning lawyer, as well as to designate powers of attorney so that you know your property will be handled the way you would like it to be handled after you're gone. One major aspect to plan for with trusts and estates is the concept of estate tax exposure. The United States does have a certain level of estate tax exemptions, but an experienced Scottsdale estate planning attorney can help utilize your trust to reduce your tax burden so that your loved ones are not left to pay steep taxes after you pass.

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When preparing and planning for the future, there are so many aspects to take into consideration in order to ensure that your loved ones are provided once you are gone. Depending on the size of your estate and the amount of assets that you have, your estate could take years to settle through probate. That is why planning ahead is the nicest gift that you could give to the ones that you leave behind. Attorney McKeehan has over a decade of experience guiding individuals and families through the estate planning and estate administration process. He is highly competent in drafting effective wills and trusts and he can help ensure that they will stand in court if a dispute should arise. Contact the firm of Grant N. McKeehan, PLC today to discuss your case and start putting your estate in order. Once you've properly planned for the future, you can be at peace knowing that your loved ones will be well cared for.

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