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Not every part of estate planning has to do with what happens after your death. Although it is very important to draft a will to ensure that the administration of your estate is handled correctly, it is equally important that you arrange your property for the benefit of your loved ones in the near future. One way of doing this is by drafting a trust agreement and by designating a trust administrator and beneficiary. Such an agreement could allow one of your loved ones to come into part of your estate on a future date or after you've passed away. For those who do not create a successful living trust, the probate court will then appoint a probate executor to be responsible for the decedent’s estate and they will carry out all the responsibilities of a trustee. When property passes through probate instead of trust administration, it takes substantially longer. With probate, most estates take about a year for all the decedent’s affairs to be wrapped up.

Understanding Trust Administration

The trust administration process is just as important as the initial drafting of the trust. This legal document is the main tool when it comes to proper estate planning, which is why effective trust administration plays such a key role. When it comes to trust administration, the main concept that must be addressed is fiduciary duty. This type of duty is the highest level of obligation under the law, and that is the type of accountability that the trustees have towards the beneficiaries. The actions of the trustees are typically overseen by the probate court and it is important that their actions are seen to be in line with the trust maker’s wishes and the terms and conditions outlined in the trust. The Scottsdale estate planning attorney at Grant N. McKeehan, PLC knows what the probate court will determine as prudent behavior for a fiduciary and he has the experience and insight to help your case successfully administer an estate. Attorney McKeehan has extensive knowledge of estate planning and administration, as well as will contests and trust disputes. Let his experience work for you to help minimize the headaches and frustrations of the probate and trust administration process.

One of the most important aspects of a trust agreement is who you choose as the administrator. Whoever administers your trust has full responsibility of protecting the assets and property therein. This means that they are responsible keeping records, paying taxes, and communicating all actions with the beneficiary who will come into the trust on a designated date, or at the time of the trustor's death. If the administrator is dishonest or unreliable, or if they are simply inexperienced, you and the beneficiary could suffer loss due to their incompetence. The trustee’s job is to utilize the assets in the trust to help ensure that the trust maker’s wishes and best interests are preserved. Contact Scottsdale trusts attorney Grant N. McKeehan right away for the skilled trust administration you are looking for.

Trust Administration Attorney in Scottsdale, AZ

Looking for an attorney for your trust administration case in Scottsdale? Attorney Grant N. McKeehan has more than nine years of experience in estate law, as well as real estate, federal tax and business law. If you are in need of a competent trust administrator, look no further. Attorney McKeehan knows how to limit costs that will be deducted from the estate and how to keep legal fees down by concentrating his efforts on matters that actually require experienced legal assistance. Clients and peers alike testify to Grant's excellent service and unparalleled knowledge of estate law and planning. The Scottsdale firm has earned a reputation of integrity and efficiency over the years due to Mr. McKeehan’s continuous dedication to providing high quality estate planning and administration guidance. Contact a Scottsdale trust administration attorney from the firm today for experienced legal assistance.

To learn how Grant could handle your trust skillfully and professionally, call now to schedule a consultation appointment and place your assets in capable hands.

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